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Facebook Mystery Event Webinar This Wednesday

Facebook Mystery Event Web Training

Facebook’s mystery event has caused a spike in stock prices and a flood of news articles in all the major media sites.

This is taking place at FB’s headquarters tomorrow morning USA time.

For us marketers using them as a platform we are bound to see a flood of traffic from all the media hype 🙂  However there is something more secretive and I think much bigger happening behind the scene… only a few tech reporters are speaking about this newer platform synched up with Facebook.

This new platform is changing how we market with social media and I want to share our research with you on a live training.

It’s our first live training for the year and will take place on Wednesday Jan 16th at 5pm MST.

Leave your credit cards in your wallet because this is a no pitch content only training.

Here are a few things we’ll cover:

You’re going to see a new technology we are using to build “shadow lists” that boost conversions by 50%.

You’ll see how to add the most robust reporting platform to your Facebook pages without costing you a penny.

And… we will also be talking about the many updates from the Mystery Event.

You don’t want to miss this web training as it will be jam packed with cutting-edge information in a non-pitch learning environment.

Don’t forget to sign up right now so you have a guaranteed seat. If you don’t sign up you won’t get the replay.

30 Day Blogging Challenge Begins Monday


One of core focuses for 2013 is traffic.  Over the last year, I think we have lost site of a few core fundamental principles that have affected us in 2012.

Multiple traffic sources, both paid and free is one of them.

We have been really focused on Product development and Warrior Forum, and have lost focus on delivering quality content to our members as well as anyone else tuning into our blog or YouTube channel.

Despite the lack of focus, we still managed to get a partner channel last year on YouTube which opens a lot of additional features.

We are really excited to take our video marketing to the next level this year and will be sharing more details about that in the coming months.

Over the years, I have participated in several “30 day challenges” both from Ed Dale and his team and others including Tiffany Dow’s Squidoo Challenges.

Every time I did, two things happened.

  1. I got fired up about marketing
  2. I ended up getting a lot more traffic to my sites

I also always ended up learning something new.

Well, I think now would be a great time for a 30 day blog challenge to start the new year out right and get more traffic to our sites.

Are you up for the challenge?

My commitment for this 30 day challenge is to blog everyday for 30 days.

You will be extremely surprised at what kind of impact that type of activity can make.

Since I am your host this time, each week, I’ll also be providing updates as well a training on WordPress, and marketing that you can implement right away.

I am starting the 30 Day Blog Challenge on Monday.

I would love for you to join me, and commit to 30 days of blogging.  I guarantee you will like the results!

To get you excited about blogging, I have picked out a video from Mind Valley to see how powerful blogging can be.

If You Are Ready For The Challenge, Leave Us A Comment Below…


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