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Hyper-Targeting Facebook Ads With New Partner Categories

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Facebook has teamed up with Epsilon, Datalogix, and Axciom to provide additional consumer targeting within their Power Editor for Facebook Ads.

Currently the targeting is only focused on U.S. data, but it opens up a lot of options for advertisers that was previously only available to large corporations and agencies.

We will going into this new targeting along with some of our latest strategies for creating “Shadow Lists” to leverage our existing web visitors and customers.

The webinar will be May 2nd @ 4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern

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Nobody Tells Beginners About The GAP

If you have an online business you’ve probably felt like like raising the white flag of defeat at least once or twice… but you didn’t.

There’s a hidden reason why you kept on pushing.

In this short 1 minute 55 second video you’ll learn about the GAP… and you might just get that insight you need.

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I’m curious if you’ve felt like this in your own business… I certainly have.

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