“New Facebook App Release:
Underground Sales Platform
That Brings In Over $1,000 Per Hour”

After attending a closed door private conference with high level marketers for two full days we discovered one common tool each marketer was using to pull in four figures or five figures per day.

…some of them were doing it on auto-pilot to boot!

This platform tool was helping marketers bring in sales and leads for offline businesses. It was bringing in a flood of affiliate sales and it was creating an red hot demand and lead source for consultants… working in nearly every niche imaginable.

The sales platform I’m speaking about is webinars.

But not just any webinar… we’re talking social… virtual… powerful!!

There was a developer at the conference who had created a webinar platform to work with Facebook.

It was shiny, had lot’s of bells and whistles and really impressive - but there were 2 problems with it.

Problem #1

It was $197 just to get access and setup and then $97 a month forever after… ouch!

Problem #2

It was the most complicated setup and operation platform imaginable.
There was a lot of coding, configuration, and tech headaches it became overwhelmingly difficult to use because of all the features.

That’s when I knew there needed
to be a better solution.

In our business we have been doing webinars for years but the fact that so many people are on Facebook and being able to tap into the social side of things was a no-brainer!

After working through the developer side of things I came up with a easy-to-use Facebook webinar tool.

It has the social functions you’d want in a webinar platform without all the complicated bells and whistles that just get in the way.

This web page is exclusive for our Social Traffic Lab members and we are letting you get the app before the public has access and because you’re one of our loyal customers we are going to reward big time!

Up To 54% Discount
For Social Traffic Lab Members

  • The Virtual Events Facebook App
  • Video Training On How To Use The App
  • PDF Manual On How To Structure Your Webinar
  • Bonus Report: The New Timeline and How To Win

We are going to be releasing this on the Warrior Forum Friday and starting the price at $17 and it will be on a dime sale and go to $37.

This is a one time payment. No monthly fees, no other obligations.


After you fill out the order form and the click the order now button you will then be redirected to the members area were you can start to use this powerful tool.

We wanted to get this out to you as a loyal customer before the public so you have a leg up on the competition. Just imagine the possibilities this tool can offer you.

If you have questions you can reach us through our helpdesk

Thanks for being one of our customers.

Kevin and Spencer

P.S. This will only be offered at the up to 54% off price for a few days and then will be at full price on the Warrior Forum. When you purchase we’d love to hear your feedback and success stories! Thanks.