Rich Christiansen, Author Of Bootstrap Business Talks About New Book – Zig Zag Principle

Zig Zag Principle - Rich ChristiansenI recently had the opportunity to meet Rich Christiansen, and record the above presentation for a networking group I belong to here in Salt Lake City called Entrepreneur Launchpad.

You may already be familiar with Rich through his first book Bootstrap Business which he co-authored with Ron Porter.

In the discussion, Rich talks about how nothing in life is created/acquired through a straight line.  No matter what we are trying to accomplish, we need to accept the fact that in order to reach our goals we need to make a series of adjustments or zigs and zags…

Rich is offering the first two chapters of the new book for free on

It is a great presentation with insight on how to better achieve our goals, and how to build a multi-million dollar business, starting with only $5,000.

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