Fellow Marketing Warrior,


You may not know me in the marketing world but possibly in the music world. My name is Spencer Shaw and I want to introduce you to my partner Kevin Davis who you probably recognize for some of the work he’s done recently.

After a long vacation from Warrior Forum, Kevin had a chance meeting with a good friend “Simple” Spencer which brought him back into the forum. Together they launched two Facebook apps that each sold over 1,000 copies in less than a month. While they didn’t make WSO of the day with those apps, everyone loved them because they were so simple to use and word started to spread.

Here are a couple screenshots of those WSOs from May 6, 2011

A couple months ago I teamed up with Kevin to create another new app called the Video Timebomb.

As of September 2011 those apps are responsible for creating over 500,000 likes and thousands of dollars in sales per day.

“Our customers would never have created over 500,000 Likes and thousands in daily sales if we didnʼt focus on our core purpose.”

Our goal was to create apps and training that was simple-to-use.

They were all designed and programmed for non tech savvy users and they had to do the following:

  • Get Massive Amounts of “Likes”
  • Turn Visitors Into Customers
  • Make Our Marketing Go Viral
  • Build Email/Subscriber Lists
  • Connect Local Businesses With Social Marketing
  • Increase YouTube Views
  • Sell More Products (affiliate or own store)


Each and every one of these apps does just that!

Iʼm going to personally walk you through each app and show you how they work but I need you to do one thing first. When you watch me demonstrate these apps see how they can grow your business as an affiliate marketer, offline consultant, or product owner.

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  • Advanced Access To New Facebook Apps Before They Are Released To The Public
  • Community Supported Development – Have An Idea For An App? If The Community Wants It, We’ll Create It.
  • Closed Members Only Forum
  • Monthly 90 Minute Q&A Webinar/Teleseminar

I left the best for last…

You’ll Also Get:

  • Every App We Create In The Future As Long As You’re A Member
  • You’ll Get The Source Code

If you plan on growing your online business this year itʼs a no-brainer to grab this membership right now. Just click on the button below this video and youʼll be in the members area with all your new software, training, and support in a few seconds.

Both Kevin and I look forward to welcoming you in the Social Traffic Lab.


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