There are two market categories that have more growth, investment, and potential than any other opportunity right now.

Those categories are:
1. Social
2. Mobile

What I’m about to share will help you tap into these markets and get and early start on the trends to follow.

We will mainly focus on social but since everyone has a smart phone social and mobile go hand in hand.

This is cutting edge information and tools few marketers and businesses are using.

King Of Social

Facebook is the largest network of friends, pictures, videos, and comments online.

It was designed as the ultimate social channel making things easily shared causing things to go viral.

23,333,333 million minutes are spent on Facebook every day.

That 23MM minutes a day is not all spent watching cat videos or doing a status update at Starbucks …okay maybe 10 mins a day is watching cat videos — ahhh so addictive.


Most of the time is spent on games and apps.

You’ve probably heard of the game Farmville.

The company who created Farmville recently came out with a valuation of $4,000,000,000. Not bad – not bad at all.


Where Is The Money?

The Farmville valuation of $4 billion is freaking mind blowing. It used to take old school corporations 20 years to get to those figures. They’ve done it in a few short years.

Here’s why.

They are giving people what they want – WHERE THEY WANT IT.

People want to be hanging out in the social space of

…you got it – Facebook.

Code To The Vault

When Facebook introduced the “credits” program it opened up the eCommerce world to any retailer.

Most retailers haven’t caught on. Many users haven’t adopted the new credits payment.

That’s okay. We don’t need to worry about credits for now.

Soon though.

Facebook sees themselves as a portal for social, sharing, and now SHOPPING.

Here’s how marketers currently see Facebook


Users want to stay inside Facebook as much as possible to browse items to shop, and share cool things they find.

When users purchase they want a simple, pain free solution.

Let’s give it to them.

The Future Of fCommerce


Now here’s where the juicy stuff comes in for you, the part that explains how to make money with all this info.

I’m going to give this a new title: SCRATCH SAMPLING

I know Scratch Sampling – sounds a bit weird.

I’ll explain with a quick story.

Back in the mid 90’s I got started in the music business when I was 14 years old. I was writing music, performing, and recording in studios.

I loved it cause it got me out of school a lot and I got to feed my teenage ego… yes, I thought I was cool but quickly grew up.

At 16 years old I was lucky enough to have a song we wrote and recorded play on the radio.

That was a huge goal to accomplish. To be in the papers, TV, and radio at an early age was a lot of fun.

All of the recordings were done in a professional studio. This is before laptop recording software, iTunes, music loops, and samples at our fingertips.

Loops and samples are the music you hear in most R&B songs, hip hop, TV commercials, etc.

Oh how the music world has changed. Just like the marketing world has changed.

To get a hit on the radio now you don’t need to be in the fancy studios or even come up with your own music.

Number one hits are recorded on laptops inside the confines of a bedroom.

You can simply piggy-back off others hard work by taking loops and samples from other artists.

You literally create a world class song in a couple hours.

Now I’m not saying it’s easy to write a hit song. It’s not. But the tools are at our fingertips and with loops and sampling you can sound like a pro.


Be A Marketing Sampler

Use the tools, knowledge, and information others have created. Add it to your playlist for

You don’t have to create elaborate web pages, incredible sales funnels, or breakthrough technology to make some good ole’ cash aka “scratch”.

Think about it.

A year ago if you wanted to create a custom Facebook page or Facebook store you had to be a coding genius or pay out the nose for the work.

Not anymore.

All you need are the right tools. Just like musicians using loops and samples.

Essentially we’ve done the hard work for you!

The Double Edged Sword

We’ve created a NEW tool that is ripe for making scratch.

This app combines the power of Facebook and eCommerce to work as a power packed combination for your marketing.

This app crushes it with:

Offline Consulting

Selling Products (Your Own or As An Affiliate)


(Kevin had a sword like this in his college years…)

Here’s how we came up with it.

My team and I spend hours searching for a tool to build eCommerce stores inside of Facebook.

We had a few requirements. It had to be:

  • Easy to Use
  • Code Free
  • Upload Images

  • Social
  • Idiot Proof
  • Fast Setup
  • Affiliate Friendly
  • Detailed Descriptions
  • FTC and FB Compliant

After all the searching and research there was nothing developed to provide what we wanted. There were a few services out there that came close but those services were more concerned about putting their link on my page and products – “no you didn’t”

That’s when I knew we needed to create our own.

Kevin Davis our programming genius locked himself in the Lab and began to code.

He get’s into these “mad scientist” moods and comes out days later with a hot new smoking prototype.

He came up with an app called: Social Commerce Plus.

I’ve created a quick 385 second video showing you how easy it is to setup a store and how clean these stores look using this app.

Sure it’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread but it’s a close second.

How To Make Some Scratch With This

Using this new app for affiliate marketing is just a “no brainer”.

You can have a Facebook store up and live in a few minutes advertising any type of product you can imagine.

Best part is you’ll be in front of the millions of Facebook users.

If you already have an existing eCommerce store I know you’re drooling as you see the massive potential this has.

But there’s another money opportunity that’s even bigger than selling your products.

Facebook Store Specialist

You’ve been beaten over the head the last several months about the opportunity of offline marketing.

If you’re ears aren’t deaf to the noise consider yourself lucky.

The problem is no one is really offering a “new – cutting edge” solution.

It’s all about Google Places, Templated Facebook Pages, SEO, Mobile, QR codes, Social Media management, yada yada yada some ole’ same ole’ stuff.

It’s Time To Stand Out

Here’s where you can have a leg up on your competition.

Have you heard of anyone calling themselves a “Facebook Store Specialist”?

Probably not, because I made it up.

Imagine approaching a local business and explaining you’re a Facebook Store Specialist.

The title alone is sexy.

If you’ve ever approached a business before you know the business owner wants to know what you can do for them that’s different than everyone else and how you will make them more money.

Here are a few of the benefits you can say to a local business:
  • You’ll Get More Product Sales
  • You’ll Get More Leads
  • You’ll Get More Likes
  • You’ll Have A Better Reputation
  • You’ll Have Items Go Viral – Customer Share With Their Friends
  • You’ll Never Have To Worry About SEO Ranking Fights
  • You’ll Have Complete Control
  • …and many many more


Local businesses want something more than the template Facebook page in a box.

They want their brand and products to stand out.

That’s why approaching a local business as a Facebook Store Specialist stands out.

When you can build them a Facebook store with their own products, their own brand, and their information – my friend you’ve just hit a home run.

Here are a couple stores we’ve built using the Social Commerce Plus [SCP] app.

To get a business owner to hand over a check for $199 for their own custom Facebook store is easy.

Businesses know they need to be on Facebook.

This the nail in the coffin that gets them to take action.

In the past the pitch of creating a Facebook page has been a bit of a challenge. You had to do some convincing. With this approach it’s a slam dunk.

Now, they’ll come begging. Eating out of your hand.

Here’s some proof:

Now I don’t always charge $249. Here’s why.

I want to find out what’s best for the client. It’s their business and their money so it’s my

obligation to find out what they really need.

Some businesses want a 1 time setup fee and then they want the tools to run with it.

That’s cool.

Others want the setup and monthly management.

Even better.

The monthly management is going to be a lower upfront fee because I have them paying me monthly.

That’s why pricing isn’t always cut and dry.

Negotiation tip: “he who speaks first loses”.

It’s easy to see how the new SCP app is Gold in the social marketplace.

What You Get

An incredible app with UNLIMITED use for you and your clients.

Heck, all of the apps inside the Social Traffic Lab come with UNLIMITED use.

Most app developers charge per site or put their branding all over it.

That’s not cool. We’d never do that.

It’s our job to create awesome software and training.

It’s you’re job to bring in the scratch so we shouldn’t be skimming off your hard work – we’re not the gov’t.

Besides getting unlimited use of the app for as many pages you want for you and your clients you’ll also get amazing customer support, training, and other info from us.

It’s really a no-brainer to pick up this app for a few bucks to be able to use in your offline business, affiliate business, or eCommerce biz.

To make this an even better risk-free offer we will make you an insane guarantee.

If you pick up this app and don’t feel like it’s easy peasy to create a Facebook store simply ask for a refund and it’s yours.

Heck, even if you don’t like it for any weird reason. Say you think the buttons are ugly or you hate the fact that it so darn easy to use just send a refund request to and we’ll gladly and promptly refund your money.

You really can’t go wrong here since we’re putting all the risk on our shoulders.

Now, you owe it to yourself to go ahead and click the Buy button and try it out.

Now Only $17…

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As an FYI , we only keep our apps available on the market for a short period of time.

We stay busy creating new apps every single month for our members and we don’t want to flood the marketplace with these powerful tools and apps.

If you bookmark this page to come back to later it may be too late. Sorry.






Kevin Davis
Spencer Shaw

Social Traffic Lab

P.S. After you purchase this app we’re going to show you how to get you’re fingers on some of the other incredible apps we’ve developed for next to nothing – cause we love ya.

P.P.S. Every sales letter should have a P.P.S. so this will be short and sweet. Click the Buy button below to get your hands on this bad boy.