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SUBJECT: breakthrough app explodes sales
SUBJECT: way beyond E-Commerce
SUBJECT: Newest – Hottest- Facebook App


New app builds stores in Facebook in only a
couple minutes.

==> Take a peak at it in action.

Here’s where it goes way BEYOND.

You can promote ANYTHING you can think of.
It works with affiliate products, your own
shopping cart, CPA offers

or BEST – it dominates offline consulting!

On the app page is a snapshot of a $249 check
for setting up one of these stores for an
offline client.

Did I mention it only takes a few minutes to
setup the store and it’s copy-n-paste easy?

Check out this app while it’s still available

This fresh app is revolutionary and opens up
a whole new world to Facebook marketing.


P.S. Here’s an unsolicited testimonial about
this app:

From: Skylars1 Fellow Warrior
I have a copy of this plug-in because I
belong to their Social Traffic Lab

Many of you know I tell it straight up and
don’t post a-lot!

This Face Book Application is ridicules for
what you get.

It goes way beyond a E- commerce plug-in,
because you can promote almost anything you
can think of with it!

My head is still spinning with what you can
do with it! Very few apps don’t have to have
a Reveal tab- this one works just fine
without one – although they have that option.

It’s crazy easy to set up and use- which if
your new or just don’t have the time to mess
with a-lot of things- like me- then you’ll
really love it.

Basically, if you have a computer and know
how to turn it on- with an Internet
connection- you can use and make money with
this plug-in. (knowing how to cut and paste
would be advanced stuff).
Also, if they offer it, come join us in their
membership site. Kevin and Spencer had a spur
of the moment get to together for people on
their FB site yesterday- that essentially
turned into 1 to 1 coaching and learning
session! That was my first day there. Lots
of info.

Hope this helps. (Believe me if it sucked I
would tell you)!

==> Get your copy here

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