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Best Facebook Post Types, Why Photos Are Not The Best…

As I was going through the new Facebook Insights this week, their new stats for the best Facebook post types was kind of interesting, not what I expected.

We are not involved as much in our Facebook Pages for Discount Cardstock because we now have a social media manager managing it for us.  She has been doing a great job getting the fans engaged and increasing our reach.

Looking through the stats, the ones with the most reach stood out a lot.  I was expecting it to be the photos and memes, but it wasn’t.

post types

What works the best for us are actually status posts.

But, not status post like “Checkout Bazzill Basics new Fall line”

The posts that did the best engaged our fans to take part.  The top posts were asking a question.



The second type of post that had more reach than images/photos was fill in the blank posts.  Basically, kind of like the Adlibs books I grew up with.

Here is an example:
fill in blank

These two types of posts out performed everything else as far as reach and engagement.

As far as engagement, there is basically a hierarchy of interaction.
1) a simple like – This is the easiest to get

2) a share – the next level if they think it is good enough to share with friends

3) a comment – with the comment, they have to put more though into the action so it’s worth more

What kind of posts do you find work best for your Pages?

Hit us up in the comments below, it’s a little extra effort but we really appreciate it!