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App Developer Academy Mindmap Released

New Training Announced Last Night…

Tuesday night, we announced a new training we are working on called App Developer Academy.

For some time now, I have been considering teaching other people how to create Facebook Apps like we have at Social Traffic Lab.

Some people think I am crazy for sharing this information, however I think it is a very good idea.

Almost 200 other members think so as well… we are really pleased with the interest we are seeing in this training.

Our Goal…

Our goal is to take our existing code repository, knowledge, and methods and distill it down into something anyone can use.

Initially, my goal was to create a tool that would allow you to select different components, push a button and generate an app.

That isn’t what App Developer Academy is. ¬†Instead, this is an over the shoulder step by step lab teaching you how to code.

Now before you freak out, it isn’t really that complicated.

To simplify development, we are covering apps piece by piece and providing code you can copy and paste to create your own
app or expand on what we already created.

The Source Code…

We are including the source code for three of our existing apps.

  • Squeeze Page App
  • Vote Smash Viral Voting
  • Video Timebomb

These three apps cover a lot of ground and can easily transform into other apps you can imagine for yourself.

The Bigger Picture…

To help give you a bigger picture of what we have in mind, I have created a mindmap.

Click Here To Download The Mindmap