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Robert Scoble On Online Curation

In this video, the “Scoblizer” Robert Scoble talks about content curation from a curators perspective.  Robert is one of the key tech bloggers/journalists out there and relies heavily on other news sources to develop the content he creates.

Back in the early days, I made a lot of money with Adsense scraping content from RSS feeds and auto-blogging.  That is not what content curation is about at all.  Curation is about adding perpective and view points to existing content from other sources while also giving them credit.

Content curation is a great way to build content for your business and your clients.

I was fortunate enough to check out some new software that Paul Clifford has developed to not only pull in content based on your topics of interest but also format and post the content while giving proper credit to the original owners of the content.

The software is very cool and saves a lot of time.

Like Scoble, one of the tools Spencer and I both use now on our iPads is Flipboard.  Towards the end of the video Robert mentions a site that helps you find quality people to follow on Twitter based on your topics of interest.

That site is http://listorious.com/

I am going to be using Listorious.com to pull in better sources of content for both Lean Startup and Social Media news for our blogs and the article that are getting aggregated on our newspaper at Paper.li


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Using Google Analytics To Track Social Media Campaigns


The last week, I have been spending a lot of time tweaking the Google Analytics settings for Discount Cardstock to properly track eCommerce sales across our traffic sources.

This afternoon, Google completely updated the Analytics interface.

One of the things I noticed was Social Media Engagement was now brought into the forefront.

It seems it has been around since June, but I hadn’t really seen it in Analytics.  With the introduction of G+, being able to track social media has become an important interest for Google.

There are two main keys to help you track your Social Media campaigns in Google Analytics.

First, we need to use Google’s tracking url generator to create custom urls that will collect the analytics data so we can tell what is actually happening.

Here is a video I created describing how to do that:

Custom URLs can be created to track performance of Facebook wall posts, Twitter Tweets and more including QR Code Scans with mobile phones.

Being able to track exactly where your traffic is coming from and in turn tracking conversions and engagement from that traffic is what makes the difference between wasting time and focusing your efforts on what works.

Next, to simplify our analysis of the collected data, we want to create advanced segments within Google Analytics to focus on just Social Media traffic.

Here is a video I created showing how to do that:

In this video, Kevin Davis from Social Traffic Lab show how to track social media engagement with the latest features in Google Analytics as well as how to set up custom advanced segments in Google Analytics to filter the data and look specifically at your social media traffic to gain better insight as to how your social media campaigns are working.

Hope you enjoyed the videos.  Let me know below what you thought, and any questions you have.



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