Video Marketing: The Equipment We Use To Make It Professional On The Cheap

As online business owners we know how important video marketing is to display our products, convey our messages, or demonstrate our services

…so why the heck don’t we consistently make videos?

The excuses I’ve used in the past are:

…I don’t have the equipment to make a professional video

…I don’t know what to say

…I don’t want to look like a super awkward dork

…I don’t know how to get views, rankings, and traffic

There’s a sugar coated answer to video marketing and the up front honest answer.

Are you cool if we go the honest route and pull the band-aid off quickly?

I hope so.

The truth is those excuses are just fears that we’d look dumb or ruin our image by not being perfect.

Sure, I still look like an awkward weirdo when I do videos… but isn’t the imperfection the fun part?

Let’s jump straight in to making a professional video on the cheap.


After you’ve created your video the most important next step is getting views to your video.

There are several tools in the marketplace that boost your views and rankings… this is one of my favorite tools.

Equipment Breakdown:

In the video I shared some of the equipment we use.

Lavalier Microphone – You can check out on Amazon Here

iPhone tripod mount – You can check it out on Amazon Here

iPhone microphone input – You can check it out on Here

Want to dig deeper with iPhone and iPad video recording? Take a look at this great blog post 

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