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Social Commerce Plus

If promoting individual products on Facebook you know they sell like hotcakes, so it only make sense to have the whole store selling your stuff. Introducing Social Commerce Plus – Your Custom Facebook Store.

The Social Commerce Plus app creates Facebook stores promoting up to 12 products and easily synchs up to your Paypal shopping cart, external shopping cart, or an affiliate site. Yes, syching up to an affiliate site in a Facebook store has never been done before but thanks to some genius programming we came, saw, and kicked some butt.

Inside this app you can have pictures of your products, video, detailed descriptions. Along with all of those mentioned custom features you can also add custom header and footer images. This app also comes equipped to be completely FTC and merchant compliant with Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and a link to your website.

Imagine how impressed local businesses will be when they can have a custom Facebook store selling their products or how you as a product owner/promoter you’ll be able to step in front of the Facebook crowd. – Let’s keep it our secret that it only takes about 5 minutes to create a store.