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Day #2: Setting Up Your WordPress Editorial Calendar

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30 Day Blog Challenge | Day #2


In this video, Kevin Davis from Social Traffic Lab shows how they are using WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin to manage their blog posts.  The plugin makes it really easy to move posts from day to day, and to quickly move draft posts on to the publishing schedule.


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Even professional bloggers like best selling author Chis Brogan use this plugin to manage their Editorial Calendar.

Here are some of the features it offers:

  1. See all of your posts and when they’ll be posted.
  2. Drag and drop to change your post dates.
  3. Manage your drafts with our new drafts drawer.
  4. Quickedit post titles, contents, and times.
  5. Publish posts or manage drafts.
  6. Easily see the status of your posts.
  7. Manage posts from multiple authors.

Here is another great post from Copy Blogger on some of the reasons why you should start using an editorial calendar today.

You can even use your arrow keys to move around in the calendar:

  • Move 1 week into the past – Up Arrow
  • Move 1 week into the future – Down Arrow
  • Jump multiple weeks into the past – Page Up or Ctrl+Up Arrow
  • Jump multiple weeks into the future – Page Down or Ctrl+Down Arrow