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Tracking Social Media Campaigns With Google Analytics and Hootsuite


Anytime you are posting on Social Networks, you want to be able to tell not only how much traffic that post is sending but also what is happening after they get to your site.

One of the best ways to track the traffic coming to your site is Google Analytics.

Hootsuite now has the ability to add custom parameters to your links in your posts to track the clicks through Google Analytics.

To make it easier, they even created a template specifically for Google Analytics.

Tracking Where Your Visitors Go With Visitor Flow from Google Analyitcs

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How To Increase Your Commissions

One of the ways to increase your website revenue is to know where people are entering and leaving your site.

In Google Analytics, one of the metrics they provide is Bounce Rate.  The bounce rate is the percentage of users that land on a page on your site and then leave without visiting another page.

For those visitors that don’t leave your page after that first visit, it is also very valuable to know how they navigated the various pages of your site.

In the past, I use to set up Goal Funnels within Google Analytics to track this interaction and determine where people are dropping out of the sales funnel.

When your marketing is content based, that becomes much more difficult.

Here is a video of the new Google Analytics Visitor Flow report showing what pages your visitors see and where they drop off.




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How To Increase Your Commissions